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Protect Your Home with Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

Clogged gutters are the primary cause of water damage to a building. Clogged gutters will also erode your landscaping. Christian Nissen Landscaping offers professional, courteous gutter cleaning services to homeowners and businesses throughout Marin County, Sonoma and the North Bay. Since we are landscape contractors, we know how to professionally clean your gutters without damaging your lawn or shrubbery.

We clean your gutters while standing on the ground, using a special ground-based gutter cleaning vacuum. Our vacuum extends 27 ft. upward, so we won’t need to walk on your roof. We won’t blow debris in your yard, wash debris into your downspouts, or muck up your windows and landscaping. We guarantee that we’ll have your spouts running completely clear before we leave.

A professional gutter cleaning from Christian Nissen Landscaping will:

  • Help prevent roof leaks
  • Help prevent water damage and dry rot
  • Protect your landscaping from erosion

All of our gutter cleaning work is done to professional standards:

  • The materials used are of the highest grade available
  • All work is performed within the time frame promised
  • You are treated with courtesy, respect and gratitude

Pressure washing your gutters and down spouts can be done for an additional fee.

We offer professional gutter cleaning services at an affordable price. To learn more, please call us. We are always happy to provide a free estimate.